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Rebirth EP (DRVMS003) in words, by Clara Tehrani.

Rebirth EP (DRVMS003) in words, by Clara Tehrani.

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On its third release, DRVMS bangs loud to the beats of the super-productive Marla Singer. Out on July 12, Rebirth EP presents 4 tracks of tense big room techno befit of peak hour.

In Rebirth EP the French producer makes use of his arsenal of eerie sounds and deep bass lines to create a restless soundscape in which urgency and reluctance struggle before the final expulsion to another dimension: in this case, the dance floor.

The EP opens with Attoradian, a percussive track with a fat kick drum that seems to grow in intensity, racing. Despite its simple arrangement around few elements, the track has a brutal force, putting the wheels in motion.

Next up is Cursus Continu. It builds up the drama starting from a high start point in which air already seems scarce... Sirens, bleeps and noise push attention away from the pulsing beat and create a suffocating atmosphere that electrifies the skin.

Finally, the title track Rebirth. The synth line immediately brings to memory the 80s sci-fi universe and the eternal races of Tron looping in an 8-bit mapped grid. The track creates an ever-moving vanishing point and then attempts to meet it with increasing dedication and energy. Claps and hats used with expertise elevate the tension to the point of liberation.

A futuristic-sounding track closes the EP. In Wrong Judgement, drones fill the lower ends intertwining with a groovy bass line while the hats take over the highs for speed. Sirens, bleeps and metallic sounds build a dense aural space that evokes states of emergency.

Rebirth EP by Marla Singer is impressive in its simplicity… Powerful and emotionally charged at the same time, it is an exemplar piece of techno.
© by Clara Tehrani

Artist: Marla Singer
Title: Rebirth EP
Cat# DRVMS003
Release date: 12/07/2017

Format: 4xFile


01. Marla Singer - Cursus Continu (Original Mix)
02. Marla Singer - Attoradian ( Original Mix )
03. Marla Singer - Rebirth ( Original Mix )
04. Marla Singer - Wrong Judgment (Original Mix)

All tracks written and produced by Hugo Singer
Distribution: Envelope Structure
DRVMS003 is supported by Hate Lab
DRVMS LTD. Label, 2017

Marla Singer:
FB: www.facebook.com/Marla.Singer.techno/
SC: @marlasinger31
FB: www.facebook.com/hatecollective
SC: @hate_music
Envelope Structure

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AUTRE - No Reply (Original Mix) / [DRVMS.FREE001]

AUTRE - No Reply (Original Mix) / [DRVMS.FREE001]

AUTRE - No Reply (Original Mix) / [DRVMS.FREE001]
Exclusive digital track download via Soundcloud or DRVMS bandcamp.

Bandcamp download:
Includes high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

Written and produced by Auer and Truant (Poland)
DRVMS.FREE001 is supported by Hate Lab
DRVMS LTD. Label 2017

FB: www.facebook.com/autreofficial/
SC: @autreofc

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